Wonderland Festival 2018

We are all mad here

17. – 18.  August – 2018 – Cologne, Germany

2018 – We are all mad here!

Alice fell down the Rabbit Hole and finds herself on the new Wonderland Festival Site right in the heart of Cologne. The mysterious Cheshire Cat tells her the way to the Mad Hatter, who introduces her to the wild rhythms of techno. But she won’t stay long, she is meant for greatness, she has to find her answer to her FUTURE! So she simply follows her heart to the Main Stage and ….

You want to know the end of the story, then follow her and the Mad Hatter to Wonderland 2018!

2019 – Through the looking glass!

The story continues! Alice was kept at Wonderland for almost a year. She hopes, she will never wake up out of this beautiful dream and amazing world of Wonderland in Cologne. Her and Mad Hatter met some new characters, like the timeless Rabbit, the Red Queen and her sister, the White Queen. They all try to revert time and change the past, but you can never change the past, you can only learn from it…

2020 – Loose your minds!

The story must end, eventually! The good white Queen offers her castle for some new future sounds in 2020. An epic battle between Alice and the legendary Jabberwocky will determine the fade of all citizens. Will Alice and the Mad Hatter bring peace to Wonderland in Cologne? Will the white queen finally receive her rightful crown? We will know, in 2020!

Wonderland Festival 2018

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