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Open the door to Wonderland and you will fall down the Rabbit Hole. Greet your beloved characters at the chessboard and choose your favourite “Drink Me” or “Eat Me” to become bigger or smaller. Ride the circling cups and horses and get yourself a treat at Candyland. Follow the Cheshire Cat through the falling curtains into the Rabbit Hole, where the Mad Hatter will greet you at his stage.

Thriving Techno will let you forget, that you just fell into your Dreamland and might never wake up from it. You got yourself the VIP treatment? Even better, the Oraculum will meet you at the Sisha corner and will tell you your future. Endless time at Wonderland will bring you to the Main Area “Haigha”, eventually. You will wonder towards to Future Stage, lured by the EDM sounds and its mesmerising decor. Dance with more than 10.000 citizens on over 8000 m2 right in the heart of cologne - this is Wonderland 2018!


The Address is located right in the heart of cologne. Just follow the Rhine River and the sound, you will hear from miles away.

Alfred – Schütte – Allee 34 – 51105 Köln


The festival runs from 17th to 18th of August

Friday, 17.08.2018, 04:00pm – 12:00pm
Saturday, 18.08.2018, 12:00am – 12:00pm

  • Age restriction

    Yes, every citizen of Wonderland Cologne must be at least 18 years old - no exceptions!

  • Tickets and Pass

    If you order your Wonderland Pass online before march 31st, you will receive your festival wristband including Wonderland Box. From march 31st, you can also buy your wonderland Drink & Food pass (25, 50 or 100 Euro) online, in order to pay CASHLESS at the festival site. You can of course also buy your wonderland Food & Drink Pass at the event. All drink, food and fun offers at Wonderland can be bought in small or big packages, in 2,50 Euro steps. Example: A small beer is 2,50 Euro, a big beer costs 5 Euro.

  • Reentry

    You are always allowed to reenter Wonderland once you leave it during Festival hours, but keep in mind, that there are no exceptions at the line, unless you have a VIP wristband. If you loose your wristband and the Festival is sold out, you have no chance to reenter the Festival Site. In case of criminal or illegal behaviour, festival authorities are allowed, at all times, to confiscate your wristband and ban you from the Festival. So please behave, it is our all Wonderland after all.

  • Beverages

    Food and/or beverages may bot be brought onto the Festival Site. We have a large selection of food and beverages on-site at festival friendly prices.

  • Locker

    There will be lockers at the festival ground to keep valuables. Each locker has space for 2-3 summer jackets (50x25x25cm)

  • Restrooms

    There will be a sufficient number of toilet areas at the festival site. The areas are well distributed, easy to reach for everyone and are cleaned several time a day. The use of all toilets is free of charge, of course.

  • Payment methods

    At all food and drink stations as well as all attractions at Wonderland Cologne tokens on your F&D Pass are used to pay, so buy your F&D Pass prior to the Festival or at the Festival Site. If not, you won’t be able to pay cash at all F&D Stations.

  • Health Care

    For medical emergencies of all kinds, paramedics and emergency workers are on site around the clock. Please leave the escape routes and emergency exits for the rescue service free at all times! If you are dependent on medication, please bring them in the original packaging together with a medical certificate. Necessary cooling facilities for medicines are available at the Johanniter on site.

  • ALcohoL or Drugs + Prohibited items

    We do our best, to make sure that we can all celebrate the weekend of out live at Wonderland Cologne together. Too much alcohol or illegal drugs can end the party faster than you like. Always take care of you and your friends from the first moment on. In addition, we pursue a zero-tolerance policy! Anyone seen with illegal drugs, e.g. During the security check at the City Gates or the controls at the festival, will immediately be handed over to the police and will be banned from the festival.

    • drugs and intoxicants • bottles, drinking bags, cans and Tetra Paks of all kinds • Food of all kinds • Glass containers • political or religious objects of all kinds • Weapons of all kinds (also in the technical sense) • Torches • Megaphone • Laserpointer and flashlights • Sky lanterns • Vuvuzelas • Pyrotechnics • Dry ice • Spakler • Animals / Pets • Spirit, petrol or other flammable liquids • Professional photo, film, video cameras and audio recording devices (digital cameras and GoPros are ok) • Banners, signs, symbols or flyers of all kinds (signs for the support of your favorite artist are of course excluded) • Aggregates and car batteries • furniture and items of all kinds which can be identified as bulky waste • Drones • Shishas of all kinds (We will provide them at the VIP area) • As well as dangerous objects of any kind

  • Parking

    We offer Parking Spots available near the Festival Site. Wonderland is easy to reach by car and we will guide you by signs once you come closer. But keep in mind, better come by train, bus or food, as we promise you, it will be much more fun if you don’t mind your car after the festival.

  • Travelling

    Wonderland Cologne is easy to reach by plane, train, tram or bus. The nearest tram or bus station is not even 5 minutes away and if you fly, Airport “Cologne-Bonn is just 20 minutes away by train and 15 minutes away by car.