The trail gets a little rockier on the hill as well. As the green … Here is the step count from today’s hike from my Fitbit. During the leaf peeping season this is a very popular spot and cars park for about a mile in either direction of the trailhead. Special events are a big reason the Kenosha Area is a choice destination for so many. 67 in Woodland Park. After you leave the first section of the heavier woods you will find yourself in another section of Aspen Trees. Several people took up spots on the hill itself to relax and have a bit of a snack. Kenosha Pass Fall Colorado Engagement Shoot with Sarah and Riley We’re so excited to share Sarah and Riley’s engagement shoot with y’all for so many reasons! 17 °F: Hiking in the summer and leaf peeping in the fall. There are also several round lodge shelters that have been built that the kids that were around seemed to really enjoy. Get ready for an outdoor adventure infused with shades of buttery yellow, sangria red, burnt orange, and royal purple. Near: Bailey. A personal favorite, Crested Butte if the fall is a *treat*. But right at the peak of the pass it is a total zoo, but don’t get discouraged. This wooded section will last for just over a mile before the trail opens up a bit. The first half of the hike is a pretty standard walk through the woods but when the trail opens up to the valley below the views are truly breathtaking. Length (roundtrip): 17.1 miles. If you’re looking to hit the mountain roads instead, here are 12 scenic drives that will leave you drooling. It records your progress and is a great way to search for hikes that are nearby and gives you difficulty measurements. Event details are subject to change and we recommend calling listed phone numbers or visiting event websites to verify information in advance. If you have any suggestions for hikes or other comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a place or activity you would go to on a, We arrived on a very frosty morning to starts our 7 women hiking. Enjoy 30% off select boots for a limited time. During peak leaf season (late September-early October), the trailhead at Kenosha pass is packed with leaf-peepers. This one is obvious, but if you’re new to the state, it might not be (and, if we didn’t … 126 (Deckers Road) to Buffalo Creek and … Frolicking in the fall is fun, especially in the high country in Colorado. I'm guessing it'll be 2-3 weeks before things actually look like fall in the high country. Kenosha Pass is part of the Colorado trail and is usually pretty busy and for good reason. First, their amazing story of how they met, got engaged, and their big plans for their wedding day next year are simply heartwarming. All the better for hikers and mountain bikers! Fall River Road to St. Mary's Alice Glacier. Clint Eastwood or John Wayne Western. Walk down the road leading to the Kenosha Pass Campground for a few paces and look for the Colorado Trail Segment 6 Trailhead, start there. A drive along Highway 285 between Grant and Jefferson provides gorgeous views of expansive aspen forests. Please choose a different date. Kenosha Pass area is a well-known and popular leaf-peeping destination southwest of Denver that attracts visitors each fall. Fantastic Fall . Whether you're there just to … There are a couple of pull-offs by the trailhead that fit maybe 50 cars. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. This is where you will first start to see the valley below you as well. Kenosha Pass is fabulous! Parking fills up quickly in the fall months. There are also a bunch of trail runners and bikes on this relatively narrow trail. The pass is especially heavily trafficked during the fall when the area’s aspen tree leaves begin to change colors. Both trails boast breathtaking views of fall foliage in Colorado. It takes a mile to get to the bottom of the hill from here. It offers both an East and West trail option with gradual ascents to stunning views. Brighten up your fall bucket list with a camping trip to Kenosha Pass. Nothing like a hike with 3000 of your closest friends. We were up at Kenosha Pass which is one of the epic fall color locations for photography. Maroon Bells On this weekend fall morning with the leaves changing, cars were parked on the side of the road for about a mile in either direction and down the access road towards the south trail. Crested Butte. Distance: 9 miles one way. Kenosha Pass is probably the best place to view the changing aspens near Denver. The pass sign. Discount will appear in cart after using an affiliate link. Kenosha Pass Brilliant and easy to access fall color on Kenosha Pass. It truly is an amazing sight and is a perfect backdrop for a Colorado Fall … We went the last weekend of September and it was crowded but magical. Kenosha Pass offers visitors trail options to the East and West. At 10,000 feet, Kenosha Pass is a 75-mile drive west from Castle Pines. The return trip up the hill is the most challenging part but the elevation gain isn’t too bad. Related: Photos of fall across Colorado, from Kenosha Pass to Steamboat Springs West said forests elsewhere had adequate snowpack to recharge … The vast majority of these people park their cars, jump out to take a few pictures, and drive off again. Just past the Kenosha Pass heading west, there is another parking lot with an overlook of the sweeping South Park area. According to AllTrails today’s hike was around 6.76 miles and had a total elevation gain of about 1086 feet including undulations. At the beginning of the trail is a large swath of Aspen trees and there were many people who just stayed in this section and took pictures of the yellow leaves. The pass is located in the Rocky Mountains southwest of Denver, Colorado, just northeast of the town of Fairplay, Colorado. Weekend traffic to see the fall colors was bumper to bumper on Sunday Sept 15 heading NORTH on 285 for at least 10 miles. Take the turn where the sign says Colorado trail and drive in the backcountry. Seasonality – US 285 to Kenosha Pass is generally open all year round. Bring your pup (on a leash) and peep the splendid autumn colors of Colorado. Because it’s located beside the highway, you have the easiest access to take pictures or simply enjoy the view. More clouds than sun. ... but they all boil down to the place being just plain awesome. Kenosha Pass may be the best place to soak in the miles upon miles and mountains behind mountains of golden aspens in the Fall. North Twin Cone Peak | Kenosha Pass Yes, the trails off Kenosha Pass are always packed as the leaves start turning, but if you want to capture a quintessential fall foliage picture and are willing to work for it, this trek up the 12,323-foot North Twin Cone Peak is well worth it. We drove to Kenosha Pass to see the fall colors. The best part of the hike in my opinion is this last hill. The Journey: Popular for good reason, Kenosha Pass is quintessential Rocky Mountains, offering convenient access to dense, stunning aspen groves that thrive on its slopes. If you head that way there are also a couple of trees down that served as benches for several people who stopped there for a picnic. Several people and pups took a spot on the large grassy hill and just sat and enjoyed the view. I did the North section which is the side with the campground. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Approximate elevation gain: … A couple things to note here is that the trail gets really narrow for this whole section and when I went it was really crowded with bikes and hikers and I was constantly having to step off the trail to let people pass. Realistically, with 8 police officers spotted between Denver and Kenosha Pass there was some kind of initiative happening. Kenosha Pass is well-known for its thick, colorful stands of aspen in the fall. The Colorado trail at Kenosha Pass is a mainstay for fall foliage hiking as the aspen groves to the south of Hwy 285 and leading up to the Twin Cone Peaks is one of the finest in the front range. Our trip from Colorado Springs. We highly recommend avoiding the area on the weekends as all the people seeking photos of leaves come out in masses. Once you find a place to start you will have to decide on which trail you would like to take. The north section is a beautiful area especially in the fall with all the Aspen leaves changing. But beware, traffic backs up for miles in September and October as leaf-peepers flock to the highly photographed area. From flights over Kenosha Pass, a go-to spot in the central Rockies, "it looks like there's quite a bit of feeding from either beetles or caterpillars," West said. South of Winter Park is Kenosha Pass, a favorite place to witness Colorado fall foliage. The only downside for this hike for me was that I spent a lot of time on the side of the trail letting bikes, runners, other hikers and even horses pass me. Photo by Sean Xu. The trail that runs on both sides of 285 is easy to moderate, and because it is part of the Colorado Trail system, it seems to go on forever. Exclusive to our affiliate partners only! The hill isn’t that tough of a climb but does get over 20% grades in some sections so something to keep in mind. Most groups will have to walk single file on the hill portion. This aspen-filled gem paints the mountains in every fall color that mother nature can possibly stir up. Kenosha Pass, elevation 10,000 ft (3,000 m), is a high mountain pass located in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado in the United States. With warm sunny days cooling to crisp evenings, hiking, biking or even driving over mountain passes provides an opportunity to witness the state changing colors and showing off the vibrantly-hued fall foliage. The terrain for this hike is split half between a dirt forest floor with a lot of tree roots for the first half of the trail. Aspens turn gold as the amount of sunlight slowly decreases, switching off the mechanism in the leaves that creates chlorophyll. Overall I really enjoyed it especially with all the colors changing. Located about 65 miles southwest of Denver along US 285, Kenosha Pass is one the best places to view the changing aspens. All Photos, images, logos, video ©FatManLittleTrail, ALL IMAGES VIDEOS AND CONTENT ©FATMANLITTLETRAIL. Our Calendar is full of family-friendly festivals, museum exhibits, plays and concerts, and so much more! Snow shoe in the winter! If you don’t have the AllTrails app you might want to check it out, I really love mine. Starting at 10,000 feet, the initial elevation gain on the trails make for easy to moderately strenuous hikes. I have added this hike and all of my hikes to my interactive map section you can find here. From Denver, take I-70 west to … If you want to head out on a fall-filled Colorado road trip, look no further than … The north section is a beautiful area especially in the fall with all the Aspen leaves changing. As you get onto the hill with the main views the trail narrows. As you continue down the path the aspens are replaced for the most part with pine trees although there are a few colored leaves spread out through this section. I would suggest a good pair of hiking shoes or trail runners. Perhaps the increased presence is because of the high surge of people going out to see the colors. By the time we came back to where we started, which was abt noon, they place was crowded with cars and people! The trail gets single file narrow for a large portion and with as busy as it can get it can get pretty crowded. Happy leaf-peeping friends! We hike for about 4 miles up and turn back after a few hrs. Fall foliage is a big attraction during Colorado's falls and Kenosha pass is one of the closest, and most accessible aspen groves to Denver - plus its beautiful! The San Juan Skyway. Some of our favorite hiking spots for seeing fall colors around the state include Kenosha Pass, Maroon Bells, Grand Mesa, Swampy Pass, La Veta Pass, Kebler Pass, Jones Pass, and Rocky Mountain National Park. When you come out of the woods you will have unobstructed views of the valley below with all the different colors within. 2 Week Extended Forecast in Kenosha Pass, Colorado, USA. We avoided the slow traffic by approaching this pass from the north. The first half of the hike is a pretty standard walk through the woods but when the trail opens up to the valley below the views are truly breathtaking. It‘s more serene further from the main road. Kenosha Pass North is a moderate hike and has expansive views of the valley and mountains. At Deckers, veer left onto County Rd. Happy Hiking! Looking to stay closer to the city? Poudre River Trail in Fort Collins. I rode Kenosha to Breck yesterday, and Vail Pass to Two Elk to Meadow Mountain today, and there's virtually no yellow anywhere. There was a bit of a smokey haze in the air that kept from having that great crisp fall look to it but the variation of colors in the large open area’s was worth the hike. At the bottom there is a spot that you can continue the Colorado Trail. Traveling the meandering highway of 285, we drove forty-five minutes to Kenosha Pass, a popular spot for leaf-gazing. Our trip from Colorado Springs… Second, their Kenosha Pass engagement shoot Kenosha Pass. more. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. I was also moving for a total of 2 hours and 54 minutes. For the next mile and a half you will be alternating between woods and clearings and will start descending down the hill a bit as well. We love going to Kenosha Pass for getting the epic levels of fall color Aspen trees. The second thing to keep in mind is that if you are not continuing on the Colorado Trail, your journey will end around the bottom of the hill. One of the biggest challenges of this hike is to find a place to park! A perfect, but crowded, place to see the changing fall colors. We avoided the slow traffic by approaching this pass from the north. South Park Brewing Colorado: Tickets & Tours‎, Tomahawk State Wildlife Area: Tickets & Tours‎, Coyote Creek Studio Arts: Tickets & Tours‎, High Creek Fen Preserve: Tickets & Tours‎, Platte Ranch Riding Stables: Tickets & Tours‎, Salt Licking Goat Clothing Company: Tickets & Tours‎, South Park Recreation Center: Tickets & Tours‎. Weekend traffic to see the fall colors was bumper to bumper on Sunday Sept 15 heading NORTH on 285 for at least 10 miles. Kenosha Pass is part of the Colorado trail and is usually pretty busy and for good reason. The hike up was nice for a first timer, The fall colors are great right now in Kenosha Pass. Whether it's wildflowers in the summer or aspens in the fall, you'll get an eyeful. Route: Take a right on Hwy. At least that is what it felt like on a Fall weekend morning. After climbing and winding up the mountain, you crest the pass and round one final turn which opens to South Park. The fall colors are great right now in Kenosha Pass. Scroll right to see more Conditions Comfort Precipitation Sun; Day Temperature Weather Feels Like Wind Humidity Chance Amount UV Sunrise Sunset; Wed Dec 16: 30 / 15 °F: Light snow. The campground is named after one of the country’s highest mountain passes (10,000 feet) so get ready for some chilly nights even in the summer. Here you will find cottonwoods turning yellow, which can turn a … There are no restroom facilities although on the North trail there is a restroom in the campground about 100 yards down the trail that is technically not for the hikers but I saw many head that way. If you know someone in Denver that wants to see Fall foliage but don't want to travel super far, Kenosha Pass is the spot to recommend. There are world class options here for both hiking and mountain biking. Some of the grasses and underbrush are changing, but that's about it. Heading to the Colorado mountains in the fall to see the leaves change should be on everyone’s bucket list when they visit or live here. It‘s absolutely gorgeous! Driving south on Hwy 285 coming over the pass is an amazing sight. That means that you have to go back up the hill to get to the car. That put the high point at around 10,398 feet. Kenosha Pass is on 285 between Grant and Fairplay in Park County, Colorado. Most of the trail is a gradual uphill slope on the way out and then you walk down a hill. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Located about 1 … Disclaimer Affiliated Content: Certain links and banners on this page are part of an affiliated agreement and I receive a small commission if you purchase from the below vendors through this site. Kenosha Pass campground has 25 single-family campsites and offers some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and quite a display of fall colors when the Aspens start to change. Kenosha pass is fabulous!! interactive map section you can find here. The final section of this will be a larger section of woods that has a switchback and gets a little rockier. And rekindling your inner kid is soothing for the soul! Abyss Trail to Abyss Lake. My nephew says it's like the opening scene of. For now I’m very excited about sharing their Kenosha Pass engagement session from last fall.