Wonderland Festival Cologne

Festival Cologne

Wonderland Festival 2018

We are all mad here

15 – 16. Juni 2018 – Cologne, Germany

Enter Wonderland

have you also gone mad?

Let us tell you something, the best people usually are!

We invite all mad people of the world to shape the future with us! Enjoy 2 days of madness right in the heart of cologne with over 10.000 citizens of Wonderland 2018!

Experience #futurewonderland with artists from all over the world and shows, you won’t forget!

Wonderland Festival

Wonderland Festival 2018

Early Bird Tickets available

The waiting has an end…

Choose Alice

Wonderland Festival Alice

Enter Wonderland as Alice

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end!

Be kind, be crazy. Be yourself and follow us. Wonderland is your world and you won’t want to leave it ever again. Dress cute, dress sexy! It doesn’t matter, as long it’s your style! I am looking forward to welcome you to Wonderland 2018 at Cologne!

Choose Mad Hatter

Wonderland Cologne Mad Matter

Enter Wonderland as Mad Hatter

Have I gone mad? I think so!

You’re entirely bonkers! But that’s why you are right here! This is the best place on earth and you can follow me! If you knew time as well as I do, you wouldn’t talk about wasting it! So be mad, dress crazy and let your heart burn! I am looking forward to welcome you to Wonderland 2018 at Cologne!